Here’s How to Make the Most of Your El Nido Vacation During Off Season

It’s off season in El Nido for a reason. It’s the time of the year that the least amount of tourist activity takes place. It’s when tourists get miserably stuck in their hotels due to heavy storm, rough sea, or worse, even flood. I’ve seen and been through it all. With weather conditions like this, it can be hard to enjoy your vacation I know. After all, you come all the way here for the white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, and magical lagoons. But lo and behold, El Nido may not be in its true tropical paradise state as expected. The water may not be as clear due to constant rain. There may be rubbish washed up on the shore. And the sea can be rough for boat travel.

As for me, it can be hard to work. Just as you get more idle time sitting around the resort’s infinity pool, there’s also more idle time for me to sit around thinking about the many ways to help my guests make the most of their vacation in El Nido despite the rain. I guess it’s that time to be creative too!

When is the low season?

This is one of the most important questions you should ask yourself before planning your trip to El Nido. Low season is when it’s pouring all the time here in the north of Palawan. We get heavy rains or typhoons between June to August. And some occasional typhoons between September to December. The country gets an average of 20 typhoons yearly.

But fret not, just because it’s typhoon season doesn’t mean it’s raining madly all day every day. A typhoon usually lasts between 12 to 24 hours unless there’s another one headed to the region. Because a typhoon too shall pass. There’s always a warning from the weatherman of course. And I’m here to personally alert my guests ahead of time should there be any safety issues. Mind you, it’s business as usual for us locals here.

Should you travel during off season?

I don’t really advise my guests to travel during the off season though I understand that some still prefer to book their tours with me this time. Why not? Flights are way cheaper and hotels are practically begging for you to stay with them. Off season is when you’ll get the most bang out of your travel budget buck. El Nido can be quite pricy in South East Asian standards during peak season. But it’s not always about the money hey! Low season is also the time when there’s less crowd and more privacy around. Yes, privacy is the key.

What to do?

When you have a boat tour during a typhoon, it will be canceled by the coastguard most likely for safety. But if you have time to spare and can wait for a day or two, I will reschedule your boat tour. And of course, if you booked a private tour with me, almost anything is possible. That’s what makes us different. From rescheduling your boat tour to going on alternative tours, I make things happen for you.

Unless there’s a severe typhoon, most of our land tours are still allowed. Sure, it might not be enjoyable to move around when it’s raining. But it’s still nice to see beaches outside El Nido without the crowd, chase waterfalls, visit local people’s homes, cook and have meals with them.

This also the best time to experience something local or authentic. You’ll get to see more locals around and have meaningful interactions with them. You get the true essence of the place when you consider traveling during off season.

How to have a memorable trip?

When it comes to creating memorable experiences – I am here for you rain or shine. If you happen to get stuck around here during a tropical storm, I’d be happy to offer alternative tours – which happens to be our specialty! Off season doesn’t have to be miserable. Just connect with me and I’ll handcraft a flexible itinerary to suit your interests.

Your Thoughts?