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Located in the northern part of Palawan, Coron is part of the Calamianes group of islands or the Calamian Archipelago that separates the South China Sea from the Sulu Sea. This group of islands includes Busuanga, Culion, Linapacan and about 80 other smaller and mostly deserted, unpopulated islands. The island should not be confused with Coron town. It’s the same name but Coron town is actually on Busuanga island. This town is the center of trade and commerce and with the most inhabitants.

The “Tagbanuas” and the “Calmiananen” were the original settlers of the Calamianes islands. The Spaniards also came here and built a church and fort around 1670, as part of the defense against Muslim raiders back in the days.

Coron Island is a big island just 20 minutes by boat from Coron town. An island with an unparalleled beauty, with its stunning beaches, towering limestone cliffs, and crystal clear lakes.

Coron is another unique gem of Palawan. Visit these famous tourist sites and be amazed at what this stunning island has to offer to all nature lovers.

Siete Pecados Marine Park – located southeast off-coast of Busuanga, yet another great snorkeling spot in the world-renowned Palawan, and one of the best in Coron. It is an underwater paradise with its colorful, tropical reef and rich and diverse marine life.

Kayangan Lake – A real picturesque beauty, nature at its finest. Kayangan lake is one of Coron’s primary attractions. It is also known as the cleanest lake in the country and this alone makes it really worth a visit. There’s a cave close to the lake with an amazing view and the most photographed places of Palawan. A 10-minute steep climb will take you to the lake huddled against the mountain walls. Underwater is magical. There’s a wooden walkway here to leave your stuff, the place can be quite crowded at noon.

Mt. Tapyas – This is a popular viewpoint in Coron, with more than 700 concrete steps built around the mountain to easily reach the summit. Here you can see the sunset and a 360-degree panoramic view of Coron and some surrounding islands around.

Barracuda Lake – Located at the northern end of Coron island is the Barracuda Lake, another amazing snorkeling site of Coron. Named Barracuda lake as it was said that a massive Barracuda skeleton was discovered underwater, and also for the fact that you will encounter Barracudas lurking around the mysterious, murky deep. Like the Kayangan lake, one has to complete a 5-10 minute climb to get to the lake, but by braving the steep and sharp limestone cliffs. All worth it once you reach this stunning lake, with its clean and deep water, filled its own diverse and interesting freshwater creatures.

Malcapuya Island – Yet another pristine beach of Palawan, because there really exist a tropical paradise without crowd and resorts, but just fine white sand and warm, clear water. This beautiful beach of Malcapuya island shouldn’t be missed while visiting Coron.

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