Welcome Back to Palawan – 2022 Travel Requirements

Hey guys it’s been a while! Funny enough, I’ve been busy amidst pandemic even though there was no income at all. But anyway, here I am again welcoming y’all. Your friendly local tour guide waiting here, as always, to give you the best Palawan Experience.

I know I know, you guys must have heard that we’re welcoming tourists back to our beautiful islands. Now isn’t that good news? Philippines has finally loosened its travel restrictions so let’s stop for a moment and be grateful for that. There are restrictions still but those will be lifted as time goes by. This is for the safety of our own citizens too.

According to the Bureau of Immigration, the number of arriving travelers will increase this summer season. They project that the daily average of arrivals in all international airports will reach up to 12k. I think this is great news especially for us in the travel industry who are still slowly recovering from the pandemic.

I am super excited to be back! And I look forward to endless summer days with my guests from all over the world.

Some international travelers have reported that travel was easy but the processing at the airports were terrible (I’m so sorry to hear this! We really don’t have the best system in the world!) While some say that you won’t have any problems as long as you have all the requirements.

I guess to avoid unnecessary fuss at the airport, let’s just make sure we have everything we need before traveling to the Philippines or elsewhere. I am pretty sure it’s the same everywhere. And I’m sure your country does not want to welcome new germs again right? So yeah, rules are rules. There’s nothing much we can do about it but comply.

International travelers need to prepare the following requirements before traveling to the Philippines or Palawan

  • Vaccination Card / Proof of Complete Vaccination
  • Approved and updated One Health Pass from the Bureau of Quarantine
  • DOT-accredited hotel booking confirmation
  • Roundtrip Tickets
  • Travel insurance or COVID insurance (upon arrival to Manila)

Take note that for foreigners, only full-vaccinated travelers are allowed to enter the country.

And of course you need one more thing, patience! Yes. Some people reported that it takes a very long time for the immigration officers to upload all documents required for entry. Expect long queues and have plenty of patience please.

Because you know, once you’ve made it to Palawan, it’s all going to be worth it. I promise. So make sure to book your tours with us ahead of time so we can craft the best Palawan travel experience for you all.

Don’t know where to start? Email us, where do you want to go and what do you want to do in Palawan? travel@palawanaternative.com

Do you prefer to design your own itinerary? https://palawanalternative.com/book/

Remember you don’t just come for the tours, you come for the friendship too. I won’t just leave out there in the waters. I will be with you, always, haha. See y’all!

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