The World’s Best Island – Palawan. We made it to the top this 2020!

I don’t intend to blog so soon yet here I am writing at 9:28 PM our timezone. Please allow me to do a celebratory post here! Palawan made it to the top of Travel and Leisure’s prestigious best islands in the world list! This time we are at #1 hurray! While some of you don’t care about lists, I do care. I do really care because this is a big deal for me, as an online travel agency slash blogger. So yeah, I am quite happy here. So very happy. The unparalleled beauty of our island/group of islands is being promoted amidst this crazy pandemic would you believe? I’ll say no more, just see for yourself!

I look forward to taking my guests on boat tours and enjoying our emerald waters and mystical lagoons. Well, hopefully soon, when this is all over.

Travel and Leisure is a popular travel magazine based in NY with millions of readers and followers. Condé Nast Traveler and National Geographic Traveler are their main competitors. They have been doing the annual reader survey or the World’s Best Awards for quite a while now. So, if you are in the tourism business, and your hotel or resort made it to their world’s best lists, it’s a huge thing.

Travel and Leisure may not know me, yet, but I am just glad to be living and making a living on the world’s best island. Oh speaking of making a living, I remember we are still in a global pandemic, like many others out there in the travel industry, I am also struggling here. You are not alone guys, we will survive hey!

Because there’s always hope. And us, islanders, are survivors. We are made to survive the toughest times.

We can only dream of traveling again to far-flung destinations. Meanwhile, you can check out my blog and the stunning photos of Palawan on Instagram: @palawanalternative and on Facebook. By just following my blog and pages, you are already greatly supporting me during these unprecedented times. Yes you, my lovely readers/guests/followers.

Thank you so much y’all and stay tuned!

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