Welcome to Puerto Princesa.


Puerto Princesa is a coastal city and the gateway to all of Palawan’s best of nature, with everything accessible due to its busy and growing urban center.

The city has been claimed as the cleanest and greenest city of the Philippines. With the stunning beaches only a few hours away, lush rainforests, unexplored mountains and hidden waterfalls, it is indeed a tropical paradise in its own right and now considered as a popular tourist destination in the Philippines.

Today, Puerto Princesa is a popular tourist city with many beach resorts and seafood restaurants. It has been acclaimed several times as the cleanest and greenest city in the Philippines. Include Puerto Princesa in your itinerary to experience the food scene and the local nightlife as well.

The half-day tour takes you to the following places worth seeing while visiting the city.

Binuatan Creations Handloom Weaving – this is a popular handicraft shop selling a wide range of native handicraft items or local products of world-class exports. Here you can personally experience making handloom woven products using the indigenous fibers of Palawan.

Crocodile Farm (Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center) – the city tour will also take you to the crocodile farm, which is a crocodile repopulation program and a research institute. Here you will see hundreds of crocodiles of different ages and sizes. The farm also includes a mini zoo that tries to conserve native species of Philippines.

Mitra’s Ranch – this is a ranch located in a higher part of the city which offers a nice viewpoint, overlooking Honda Bay. A nice place to chill and enjoy the beautiful view.

Baker’s Hill – this is a nice little park of Puerto Princesa city with a bakery/ restaurant on the way to Mitra’s Ranch. The place has shaded areas and a nice view of Honda bay as well.


Places in Puerto Princesa

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