Welcome to Palawan

Our personalized Palawan tours will let you experience our home’s natural beauty, culture, and unparalleled geography. And we know what personal experiences are all about. At Palawan Alternative, we let you experience the moment and places intensely, not chasing the next must-see sight. We believe that travel is about the journey and everything it encompasses, never just the destination.

Great life lessons are learned outside the comfort zone, and that immersing yourself in different cultures teaches you valuable things you would never learn in school. Our experienced local guides will expose you to the local culture, extraordinary destinations or places that we are most passionate about – the places we call home. We started Palawan Alternative as a way to allow people from other countries to experience Palawan through the eyes of locals. So we only cater to those who are up for a different kind of adventure, those who are open to learn and change the way they see about the world and its cultures. Our unique travel perspective will hopefully break the barriers between locals and visitors.

We support the community by providing jobs to the locals and supporting small, local businesses. We also strive to lead responsible tourism by providing environmental awareness to the community through our educational programs. As nature lovers and proud inhabitants of Palawan, it is our responsibility to protect and preserve it for ourselves and the future generation.

Palawan Alternative is based in El Nido, which allows for easy transport to the next destinations, each offering Palawan’s amazing nature, pristine beaches, breathtaking views and rich marine life like you have never seen before. We are also going to take you to our favorite places where you will have access to local restaurants, businesses and transportation that we’ve come to know and trust. Good food, nice accommodation, and new friends will add up to a wonderful holiday experience. It would be a pleasure to expose the real Palawan to our visitors. Please allow us to show this beautiful island we really love.

We offer the best value for your money as we know that your leisure time is a precious commodity. We would like to give you the best return on your investment. Rest assured that we’ll be here to provide the personalized attention and exceptional service every step of the holiday-planning. We want your trip to Palaw to leave you longing for more.