Why Choose Our Private Bespoke Palawan Tours?

More than just a private tour. It's sharing our dedication to the purity of meaningful travel.

We offer the antidote to the adverse effects of mass tourism – our private bespoke Palawan tours. The alternative to the usual tourist circuit and overcrowded boat tours. The time has come to offer something different. Something most travelers crave for these days. As experienced travelers ourselves, we believe that travel is not all about cheap or posh accommodations, party places, and popular tours. We would like to give the kind of experience that we would also like to get. Memories that will last a lifetime.

Come for the tours, stay for the friendship.

Finally, amidst the profit-driven touristic spots, there’s a comprehensive Palawan tour operator that brings back the humanity in travel. With Palawan Alternative, it’s all about authentic human connection.

Welcome to our backyard.

As local experts of the region, we live, love, and breathe Palawan. We are passionate about sharing the beauty of our nature and culture to our guests. But just as we carefully choose the experiences we offer, we also carefully choose the guests we serve. We prefer socially-conscious mindful travelers who share the same eco-minded beliefs and have the utmost respect for everything we live and stand for.

Why Choose Our Private Bespoke Palawan Tours?

Custom Tours Tailored to Your Tastes

Palawan does have something for everyone. Whether it’s basking on pristine beaches, braving the path less traveled or trekking through the lush tropical jungle, we’ve got your back. Whatever your fancy, whatever your taste, whatever your style, we’ll come up with something that will suit your specific needs and interests. After all, it’s your holiday, it’s your design.

Travel Palawan like a Local

You are not just clients. We are your long-lost friends excited to guide you around our wonderful patch – from Palawan’s iconic sights to off-the-beaten tracks. Taking our private bespoke Palawan tours means you’ll get the local experience and genuine encounters you’re looking for in a holiday.

Trust the Local Experts

So many experiences, so little time, but even so, it should be all about relaxation, not exertion. You can only entrust your once-in-a-lifetime holiday with the local experts. We make sure that you don’t get bogged down with all the pesky details of your Palawan trip. It is our job to do all the hard work for you. We are obsessed with every little detail that will make a difference in your trip.

Palawan from the Inside

With passionate guides in each of Palawan’s destination, you’ll be reaping the rewards of local expertise anywhere you go. From access to hidden locales and rugged adventures to local hospitality, our great network and carefully selected connections are guaranteed to give you unique Palawan experiences that are not available to the general public.

Pure and Simple

From the unparalleled beauty of our nature to our unique culture, we are ready to share all the good moments with you. We are just ordinary people who are passionate about sharing anything about Palawan, like trusted friends armed with wisdom ready to show you around our vibrant community. It is important for us to sustain it for future generations because it is our home too.

Meet the local expert

Our passionate local expert/founder believes that if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself – and she does. She’s hands-on with everything to make sure you’ll have the most sophisticated travel experience in Palawan. And our insider is quite unstoppable. She continues to hunt down unique experiences and critically examines destination highlights that will make your private bespoke Palawan tours truly unforgettable.