Support 100% Local Businesses in Palawan: ‘Tatak Palaweño’

What is the best way to travel sustainably in Palawan?

Supporting 100% local businesses in Palawan is the best way to travel sustainably in the region.

local businesses in Palawan

In this day and age, it is important to watch where the money goes. When travelers help keep the money in the community, they also help the locals become empowered. Stay at locally-owned lodges, take tours that don’t destroy the local culture, eat at local restaurants, and get to know Palaweños. In this way, your money stays in the local economy rather than getting extracted by foreign companies. In addition, you’ll have a more genuine experience by going 100% local.

There is currently a proposed resolution that urges the local government to put a seal marked “Tatak Palaweño” on the mayor’s permits that will be issued to local businesses in Palawan. The seal aims to promote Palawan’s economy and encourage more locals to be business owners themselves. This would provide more jobs in Palawan as a result. The seal will also help distinguish foreign-owned from locally-owned businesses, this will make travelers aware of products that are locally-sourced.

Why support 100% local businesses in Palawan?

Keep the money in the local economy

Compared to big companies, chain stores, and international corporations, locally-owned businesses recycle a much larger share of the income back into the local economy, enriching the whole community in Palawan. Supporting local businesses is the best way for travelers to improve local people’s lives.

Community well-being

100% local businesses in Palawan help build strong communities by maintaining vigorous town centers, connecting locals in a web of social and economic relationships, and contributing to local causes. They also help promote more authentic experiences to travelers.

Proper wages and more jobs

Local businesses support one another and help fight rampant foreign exploitation in the developing world. They also create more jobs for locals and provide proper wages and benefits than big box companies.

Preserve local character

In this increasingly homogenized world, communities that help preserve one-of-a-kind businesses have an economic advantage. By supporting 100% locally-owned businesses, you help preserve the distinctive character and culture of small communities in Palawan.

Encourage entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship serves as a key for locals to move out of low-pay jobs. It fuels prosperity and economic innovation in Palawan. The locals will feel empowered to become entrepreneurs themselves knowing that they get 100% full support.

Environmental responsibility

Small local businesses in Palawan help sustain compact and vibrant walkable towns, which in turn are important in reducing vehicle use, habitat loss, and pollution. They also require little infrastructure compared to big box companies.

Product diversity

A community of small local businesses means that they have carefully selected their products based on their interests and the needs of their local clients. It also guarantees a much broader range of services or product choice.