How to Pick The Best Palawan Tour Package

Choosing the best Palawan tour package can be a daunting process. The sudden tourism boom has resulted in a growing number of tour companies in the region. Economically, this is a good thing as locals depend on tourism for livelihood nowadays. However, most of them are still not prepared for this massive change, resulting in the disorganized booking process and low service quality.

Best Palawan Tour Package

That being said, it is important to choose a Palawan tour company wisely to make the most of your vacation. And when time is of the essence, it’s better to delegate all the travel planning to a Palawan travel agent. But how do you cut through the travel agencies options and choose the best Palawan tour package?

Choose the Best Tour Company

With so many tour operators competing for your dollar, choosing a good value Palawan tour package has become complicated as planning your own trip. Most tour activities are all spread out that it can be hard to put it all together into one itinerary.

Choosing a specialized tour company for your Palawan vacation makes all the difference. They would be able to craft the best Palawan itinerary that suits your specific interests and needs. Make sure to compare and read reviews before making a booking.

Research and Plan

Don’t choose a Palawan tour package without having done some prior research. It is important to know what you want before anything else. Most travelers end up on a tour they don’t like because they’ve been sold a tour that’s not right for them. If traveling with your family, it’s better to plan for a private or small group tour.

You may work with a travel agent to ease the pain of travel planning. Once you’ve decided on the itinerary, make sure to check the fine print. Read all the inclusions and exclusions to ensure that you know what you’re paying for.

Don’t Be Cheap

High-quality custom tours are organized expertly and planned in advance. All-inclusive Palawan packages give you more value for your money. Don’t fall for tours that are advertised as “budget” or “cheap” as most tour operators use these as a marketing ploy to attract the backpacker market.

Cheap tours won’t be so cheap if you have to pay for other extras. You don’t have to waste a couple of precious hours running halfway around town just to save a few dollars.

Choose Small Group Tours

Choosing a small group tour company in Palawan can be challenging. Most tour companies run big group tours. It is impossible to please everyone on this tour all the time. There will always be travelers looking for something different: fewer crowd, younger or an older crowd, or more free time.

If you want flexibility and more intimate experience, choose semi-private or small group tours. This ensures that you are only with travelers that share the same interests. Small group tours usually have the same itineraries and often include unexpected places. The ones that are not part of the usual tourist circuit and end up being the most unforgettable.