The Best Palawan Tours to Include in Your Itinerary

If you have limited vacation time in the Philippines, choosing the best Palawan tours to include in your itinerary should be part of the travel planning. But with so many tour companies out there, it can be overwhelming to decide which tours to take in each destination.

The Best Palawan Tours

I don’t offer tours that I haven’t taken myself. I go out of my way to discover more interesting places and unique experiences. I realized that Palawan has much more to offer than the advertised tours. As an experienced traveler myself, I know straight away what my guests exactly need for their once-in-a-lifetime holiday. Whether it’s an action-filled off-the-beaten-track tour or a relaxing island escape, there’s always the right kind of adventure for everyone.

Here are some of the best Palawan tours to include in your itinerary this high season:

Island-Hopping Tour A (Lagoons and Beaches)

No matter what, I still recommend taking the classic tourist circuit island-hopping Tour A. There’s a reason why this boat tour is so popular. It showcases the iconic sights of El Nido, from magical lagoons to stunning beaches. Because one does not simply leave El Nido without seeing what it’s famous for.

And to beat the crowd, taking a private tour is the best travel decision you’ll ever make. Amidst boatloads of travelers, this is the only way to have a more intimate experience for you and your group. Your dedicated local guide can take you to the sights earlier than usual and even show you some places not part of the tour itinerary. Trust me, it’s all worth it.

Coron Island Highlights Tour

When in Coron, make sure not to miss the unparalleled beauty of Coron island by taking the Coron Island Highlights Tour. If you haven’t taken this tour, you haven’t lived. This boat tour encapsulates the best of Coron in one day. And in my humble opinion, this is by far one of the best Palawan tours to include in your Palawan itinerary.

For a personalized experience, a private boat tour is of course always possible. Witness the towering karst limestone formations, enchanting lakes, and vibrant marine life only with your loved ones. And some of my personal favorites; Kayangan and Barracuda lake.

The Underground River Tour

If there’s one must-see and do in Puerto Princesa city, that’s getting away from the hustle and bustle of the urban center and taking the Underground River Tour. But you have to forgive the crowd as the Subterranean River is a UNESCO world heritage site. Which means a lot of people come here to see the site.

So stop focusing on the crowd. Ride a paddle boat into one of the longest navigable subterranean rivers in the world and witness the unique rock formations and wildlife under.

El Nido Mangrove Tour

Not many tour companies offer this nature experience, but if you’re with a local expert with a good network, it’s easier to get access to some of the hidden gems of El Nido. The Mangrove kayak tour is usually the last stop in our land tour itinerary.

Kayak through the brackish waters surrounded by sprawling Mangroves at your own pace. Enjoy the quietness and mystery of nature by taking this unique tour while in El Nido.

Coron Firefly Watching Tour

Just when I had enough of the daytime activities in Coron, I took this unique night tour for a change. I recommend this activity to anyone who’s looking for a different kind of experience in Coron. It’s simple, short, yet satisfying.

Escape the town and get into the beautiful darkness of the sea. Go on a speedboat night trip through the largest Mangrove forest in Coron and be greeted with glowing insects and fascinating planktons. Marvel at the supernatural glow of bioluminescence as you quietly ride along the Mangrove Swamps. Complete the evening tour with a sumptuous dinner at the floating restaurant close to Coron Bay.

Island-Hopping Tour C (Hidden Beaches)

Tour C is another great tour to be added to your Palawan itinerary, best taken as a private tour to avoid the crowd. If you fail to reserve permits to the lagoons in advance, Tour C is the alternative boat tour as it can be booked last minute.

Discover hidden beaches and amazing rock formations in a full day guided boat tour. Find out what makes El Nido a true tropical paradise.

Ille Cave Tour

This important archeological site in El Nido has been recently opened to the public. This is a great alternative tour if you want to escape the crowded beaches. I included this on our land tour itinerary to give my guests a different kind of experience.

This mysterious cave holds several 14,000-year-old artifacts like stone tools, shells, tiger and other animal bones, and even human bones. You’ll have a knowledgeable guide to take you inside the cave and brief you about the ancient artifacts, rock formations, and fossils. There’s also an optional climb up to the summit outside the cave if you want to see the breathtaking East side view of El Nido.

Our itinerary specialist will be happy to add these tours to your personalized Palawan itinerary.

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