The Tour Participant Agreement details the agreement between PA Tours (herein referred to as “Palawan Alternative”) and the tour participant (herein referred to as “traveler”, “I”, “you”, or “your”). The tour participant must read the entire Agreement before confirming the reservation.

Tour Operator

All packages and related components have been arranged by PA Tours. Palawan Alternative is responsible for making travel arrangements through independent contractors and suppliers and does not own or operate any hotel, airline, establishment, tour, insurance, vehicle or other modes of transportation, event company or provider that may be included in its package offerings.

Tour Costs and Inclusions

All packaged tour costs are based upon the specified services in your customized itinerary as per the “Inclusions” section. All packaged tour inclusions listed on your booking confirmation/invoice are subject to terms and conditions stated herein. Tour costs generally include private sightseeing or tours with English-speaking and licensed local guides unless specified as a “group tour”, accommodations, English-speaking transport operators, entrance fees, government and environmental fees, accommodation taxes and surcharges, meals as indicated in the detailed itinerary (breakfast, lunch or dinner), airport transfers and the full services of Palawan Alternative itinerary designers and associates necessary before, during, and to conclude your trip. Transportation (by sea, land or air), hotel or resort accommodations are subject to change. In the event of hotel or resort change, equal or upgraded accommodations will be provided. Scheduled tours operated by third-party operators are subject to the refund and cancellation policies of the operator. Itemized breakdowns are not available. Please refer to the “Inclusions” section of your customized itinerary for detailed information regarding which services are included in your tour cost. All tour costs are in US dollars.

All prices include operational charges and extensive personalized planning and are based on current exchange rates, taxes and tariffs as of the date of billing for or invoice issuance of your customized itinerary. Prices are valid for the travel dates indicated in your invoice and confirmed itinerary. Effective the day your tour is to commence, Palawan Alternative reserves the right to addend a surcharge to cover increased costs and taxes by third parties. Prices are based on the predetermined, agreed and confirmed number of travelers in your party, additions or withdrawal from the group may alter the price for each tour participant.

In case of computer or human error, Palawan Alternative reserves the right to issue a corrected invoice for the purpose of correcting errors in pricing. If international or domestic flight schedules change, all additional expenses for subsistence and accommodation are the sole responsibility of the traveler.

Items Not Included

Unless otherwise specified in your detailed itinerary, international and domestic flights, private air charters, gratuities, airport departure taxes, visa fees, travel insurance, any tour activity equipment or items not specified as per the “Inclusions” section, alcoholic beverages, laundry, excess baggage charges, tours indicated as optional or not specified in the itinerary, and the provision of items of a personal nature are not included.

Unused Tour Arrangements

Unless agreed to in writing by both parties, no credits or refund will be provided by Palawan Alternative for any unused accommodations, services or other package features.

Reservations and Payments

Payments and reservations may be made online at or by email at To ensure that the packaged tours, services, transportation, government permits, entrance fees, hotel accommodations, and other logistics are arranged and reserved in advance under the traveler’s name, all reservations require a minimum 50% deposit within 7 days of the booking request. However, some hotels and resorts may require full payment in advance to make reservation. Full and final payment is due no later than 30 days prior to the tour start date, with the exception of cruise and liveaboard dive packages. The cruise and liveaboard dive packages may require full and final payment 120 days prior to the cruise start date.

Palawan Alternative reserves the right to cancel any reservation if full payment is not received by the due date. Failure to make on-time payment may result in cancellation of packaged tours, loss of first choice hotel, boat and other preferred modes of transportation, assessment of a late payment fee or cancellation charges, reservation suspension and/or removal of booking incentives and price discounts/adjustments previously applied to your account.

Payments may be made by credit/debit card via PayPal which will incur a 5.5% Paypal fee paid by the traveler. Alternative payment options are bank transfer, Western Union, Bitcoin, and direct bank deposits. Palawan Alternative will never have access to travelers’ card information. If you are making a payment through Paypal, please make sure that it is verified and up to date. The traveler is responsible for paying all transfer fees on the traveler’s end as well as any intermediary banking fees that may apply.

Changes to Reservation

Any change made to a reservation must be requested in writing by emailing Voluntary changes made by tour participant after the itinerary has been finalized and the payment has been received will be subject to a USD $100 change fee, in addition to the costs required to enact the requested changes. In most circumstances, Palawan Alternative is subject to the rules and fees of third-party suppliers and service providers and therefore the ability to change your reservations cannot be guaranteed. If the requested change is possible, a USD $100 change fee and any fees incurred by the suppliers and service providers will be added to the reservation.

Should events beyond our control require it, Palawan Alternative reserves the right to change or modify the customized itinerary without advance notice, to substitute a tour component of equal standard and/or withdraw any tour component from your trip. Any costs resulting from such alterations shall be the responsibility of the travelers. If any tour has to be delayed due to bad weather, travel conditions, acts of war, acts of terrorism, overbooking, flight or other transportation delays, sickness, government intervention or any other contingency beyond the control of Palawan Alternative, the additional costs of rerouting and delays will not be included and will be the responsibility of the traveler. If a tour is canceled, our liability is limited to a full refund of your payments, and we will not be liable for any other damage costs or refunds of any kind for any delay, disappointment, loss, inconvenience, or expense whatsoever in such circumstances. If for reasons beyond our control, a tour in progress must be canceled or interrupted, we will consider refunding a portion of the price depending on the actual costs incurred.

Cancellation & Refunds Policy

All cancellations and refund requests must be made in writing by email to The cancellation date will be based on the digital time stamp of the email service provider in local time. Verbal-only requests for a refund will not be honored. Palawan Alternative will refund the portion of the trip cost not already advanced to suppliers minus processing and/or cancellation fees. We will try our best to recover and refund the balance as promptly as possible. However, we cannot guarantee the recovery of any or all of the advanced payments from third parties.

At the time we receive the notice of cancellation, the following cancellation fees apply.

*** 91 days or more prior to departure: Cancellation fee is 35% of the deposit.

*** Between 61 days to 90 days prior to departure: 50% of the total tour price or equal to the amount of deposit is non-refundable.

*** Between 31 days to 60 days prior to departure: 75% of the total tour price is non-refundable.

*** Within 30 days prior to departure: 100% of the total tour price is non-refundable.

For cruise and liveaboard dive packages:

*** 120 days or more prior to departure date: Cancellation fee is equal to the amount of deposit.

*** Within 120 days prior to departure:: 100% of the payment is non-refundable. However, substitution of passengers is permitted.

Refunds will be processed within 30 days of acceptance of the cancellation/refund, based on Palawan Alternative approval and in accordance with the cancellation policy contained herein. Cancellation fees and penalties imposed by our service providers and suppliers may be added and, if imposed, will be deducted from any potential refund. Unless agreed to in writing by both parties, no refunds will be made after the commencement of your tour, whether for voluntary absence from the tour, early termination or for any unused services.

The tour participant’s decision not to travel due to State Department warnings, illness, fear of travel or any other reason will be deemed a cancellation. If a flight or other delay for any reason causes you to miss the tours and other services, no refunds will be given. Please see Palawan Alternative’s limits of responsibility elsewhere in these pages.

Tour Cancellation by Palawan Alternative

Palawan Alternative reserves the right to cancel any scheduled tour at any time. In the unlikely event that a scheduled tour cancellation becomes necessary, Palawan Alternative will notify the tour participant at the earliest possible time and will provide suggestions for alternative tour operators at no extra cost. Palawan Alternative will provide a full refund of all payments made by the traveler to Palawan Alternative in the event Palawan Alternative is forced to cancel except in the case of cancellations due to closure of airports or ports, acts of war, acts of terrorism, natural and man-made disasters, acts of God, sickness, epidemic or health risks, industrial disputes, customs regulations, strikes, adverse weather conditions, hotel overbookings or any other circumstances beyond Palawan Alternative’s control. The refund by Palawan Alternative can generally be expected within 90 days


The type of transportation provided by Palawan Alternative varies by group size, package type, and individual preferences. Please check your booking confirmation/invoice for details. Private transfers are used for guided/semi-guided tours when possible, but scheduled service routes may be used for small groups. In the event that you miss the scheduled departure for any tour or transfer, it is the traveler’s responsibility to arrange transportation to the next arrival/departure point to rejoin the scheduled tour. Palawan Alternative will not issue refunds for missed transportation.


All hotel accommodations have been arranged by Palawan Alternative. Hotels and resorts may vary by destination, city and week of travel. Unless otherwise requested or stated, prices are per person based on double occupancy rooms with private bath facilities. Single occupancy accommodations may be available at additional cost. Check-in/check-out times, amenities, and policies vary by hotel/resort. Accommodation may be provided on a best available basis. Palawan Alternative reserves the right to substitute comparable accommodations without notice, given the substituted accommodations are in the same city and destination and with the same arrival/departure schedule.

Passport and Visas

All tour participants must be in possession of a passport valid for six months from their date of arrival. All names submitted at the time of booking must be exactly as they appear on your passport. It is the sole responsibility of the tour participant to obtain proof of citizenship/valid passport with sufficient blank pages for travel outside the US. Non-US citizens must consult their consulate for visa requirements. Passengers who are denied entry or boarding for improper documentation will not be eligible for a refund of any amount.


Tour participant’s baggage is transported at the owner’s risk. Please check directly with the airline for specific baggage allowances. All valuables, money, and travel documents should be packed in a carry-on bag for which you are responsible at all times. Palawan Alternative cannot be responsible for loss or any damage to baggage. Insurance is strongly recommended.

Health and Physical Condition

All tour participants are understood to be in sufficiently good health and fit to travel in a foreign country. Palawan Alternative requests that tour participants notify us in writing as early as possible of any health or physical conditions or other special needs while traveling, including but not limited to dietary requirements, allergies, wheelchair requirements, requests for large seats, access to refrigerators to store medications, schedule requirements, limited mobility during walking tours, etc. This request is to ensure that your comfort and convenience are taken into consideration for all services we arrange. We make reasonable efforts to accommodate the needs of the tour participants. In cases where we cannot accommodate a traveler’s special needs, the traveler who needs assistance must be accompanied by a person who will be independently responsible for providing any and all necessary assistance. We regret that we cannot provide individual assistance to travelers with special needs for ordinary daily activities such as dining, walking, hygiene, etc. Unless specific arrangements have been confirmed with Palawan Alternative prior to trip begin, neither we nor our suppliers or affiliates will lift or assist travelers embark or disembark from transportation vehicles or physically assist with mobility needs (e.g. push wheelchairs).

Travel Insurance

Palawan Alternative and affiliates will do everything within our control to make sure that the travelers are safe and well during the trip. As accidents can occur, Palawan Alternative strongly recommends the purchase of comprehensive travel insurance and medical evacuation coverage before traveling, to provide protection to travelers in the event of certain types of tour interruption, tour cancellation, delay, emergency medical assistance and transportation, and delayed or lost baggage. We also recommend that you review your health and other insurance to ensure that you have coverage appropriate to your needs and those of your dependents and family in case of any personal injury or property loss. Tour participants are responsible for verifying all health conditions at each travel destination. Any questions about the travel insurance coverage should be addressed directly to the travel insurance company. Medical evacuation, travel insurance, and hospitalization costs are not included in the tour price.


By accessing and using Palawan Alternative’s services, the tour participant agrees to accept and be legally bound by all the terms and conditions stated herein with no exceptions. Your trip will be arranged by Palawan Alternative acting only as facilitating agents for the tour companies, hotels and other places of accommodation, boat charter companies, vehicle companies, other vendors and their owners or contractors that provide tours, accommodations, transportation or other services included in your trip. Palawan Alternative does not own or operate any entity which provides goods or services for your trip including but not limited to, air carriers, boat, van or bus companies, ground operators, hotels and resorts, sightseeing tours, restaurants, and other establishments. Palawan Alternative is not responsible for any personal injury, property damage or other loss a traveler incurs on any portion of the tour arising from omissions or acts by said suppliers. All such entities are independent contractors. As a result, Palawan Alternative cannot be liable for any negligent or willful act of any such entity, their employees or agents or any third person.

US Travelers should be aware that the US government travel and health advisories may exist, and that the United States may not maintain full diplomatic relations with all countries. US consular services may not be available in all areas. Palawan Alternative can accept no responsibility or liability for travelers’ health and safety. All travelers should be prepared for any potential unexpected changes in the customized itinerary and should arrive with a flexible attitude toward their visit and with the understanding that it is impossible to foresee, control or guarantee all aspects of the tour.

In the event of a dispute or claim made by the tour participant concerning, referring or relating to this Agreement, tour inclusions, tour advertisements, Palawan Alternative’s performance, or any claim made against Palawan Alternative, Palawan Alternative will make every effort to resolve said dispute or claim between the individual parties involved. You agree to present any claims against us within 30 days after the tour ends and to file any suit within one year of the incident, and you acknowledge that this expressly limits the applicable statute of limitations to one year. Palawan Alternative’s maximum liability, for any reason whatsoever, will be limited to the amount paid to Palawan Alternative for its services. Comprehensive travel insurance, accident, health, and medical evacuation coverage are strongly recommended.

Neither Palawan Alternative nor any of their agents or affiliates shall be or become liable for any loss, personal injury, property damage or otherwise in connection with any accommodations, touring, transportation, or other services provided resulting directly or indirectly from any acts of God, breakdown in machinery or equipment, fire, acts of government or authorities, hostilities, acts of nature, animals, wars whether declared or not, criminal acts, acts of terrorism, thefts, riots, civil disturbances, financial default of service providers, strikes, illness, allergic reactions, quarantines, epidemics, disease, medical or customs regulations, loss or damage to baggage, delay or cancellations of or changes in itinerary or schedules, or from any causes beyond the control of Palawan Alternative including, without limitation, any act of negligence or breach of contract by an independent third party who supplies goods or services for your trip. Acceptance of this Agreement further signifies the tour participant’s intention to relieve and indemnify Palawan Alternative and affiliates from any liabilities for injury, property damage or wrongful death which the tour participant might suffer during the participation in the scheduled tour.

Any payments made to Palawan Alternative to make reservation shall constitute consent to all provisions of this Agreement as set forth herein.