Is it Safe to Travel to Palawan?

Safety is understandably the biggest concern of foreign travelers as venturing out into the unknown is always a daunting prospect. Hopefully, this will encourage you to travel more and visit mesmerizing tropical destinations like Palawan, Philippines.

It is generally safe to travel to Palawan, the region is now a famous tourist destination in South East Asia for a reason. A recommended alternative to overrated and backpacker-infested Bali and Koh Phi Phi. You might have seen Palawan in one of those travel channels, and you are like, “wow, it would be great to visit this exotic place”. The light bulb moment became a hopeful ‘someday…’ until someday never really happened. The next thing you know, you’re still trapped in the humdrum and the mundane. You’re still wishing to finally get out of your comfortable bubble to experience something different. Something life-changing. Something called Palawan.

safe to travel to Palawan

Eventually, you’ll put your fist down and decide to do something about this Palawan dream of yours. You start browsing travel deals, the right Palawan tour packages, and alternative destinations. Then after some time, your energy fades again. You just decide to stay where you are while everyone else is having some proper fun here. You entertain several bad scenarios in your head and fall into the typical news propaganda that aims to lock you up in the illusion of safety and security. You ditch the Palawan travel plans and return to your previous boring and lifeless surrounding, feeling more dissatisfied than ever. Fear is what really stops people from traveling. Fear is the biggest barrier between you and your dreams.

Palawan is one of the country’s famous tourist destinations, with numerous beach resorts, hotels, bars and restaurants and shops. It has suffered little violence or crimes in the past. Whether it is a high or low season, a lot of travelers are always coming to visit to see what this province is famous for – stunning islands, pristine beaches, crystalline waters, mysterious caves, and magical lagoons. People come to this part of the world to see the well-preserved natural beauty of Palawan. And of course, to fully immerse themselves in the culture. Isn’t that what real travel is all about?

Honestly, the travel security alert is way too outrageous sometimes. Most of the time, the news only instills irrational fear in people. Though there’s nothing really wrong in ensuring the general safety of travelers, the exaggerated security alerts just give the destination a bad rap. In this day and age, it is hard to know what to believe anymore. Mind you, it pays to be skeptical. This is the best time to decide on your own especially if it’s about getting that much-needed tropical vacation. That much-needed break you deserve. You deserve to see more of the world.

El Nido is a peaceful and diverse town in Palawan. There are a lot of expats living here going about their daily businesses. Locals go to work, kids walk to school while travelers from all over the world go on island-hopping tours. Basically, life goes on for everybody. So to ask if Palawan is a safe place to travel to would sound like an insult to everyone. If it’s not a safe place for travelers then it’s not safe for regular human beings down here.

Surely, there are certain localities that are not safe to travel to in some cities in the Philippines, just like anywhere else in the world. These days, people should be more worried about massive crimes, school shootings or random killings. Thankfully, these horrible crimes never happen in Palawan.

You can be assured that the locals in Palawan are generally happy and friendly people. They are living their simple lives and are more welcoming to foreign visitors. Their happiness alone is one great reason that makes Palawan a safe place to visit.

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