Rock Climbing

Climbing Taraw cliff is one of the thrilling adventure activities you can experience during your Palawan holiday.

Climbing Taraw cliff is another opportunity for a nerve-wracking yet exciting adventure. Taraw cliff is the highest peak in town, resembling a fortress as viewed from the waters approaching the beach town. The cliff is just one of the many cliffs that encompass El Nido but Taraw is a giant limestone karst overlooking Bacuit Bay. 

Sure, this is not Himalaya or a towering cliff that requires some proper rock-climbing equipment but to properly set your expectations, there still had been some accidents in the past. Risks will always be there even if you are just safely walking down the street in your safe suburb. It’s just a matter of being careful along the way and knowing that you’ll eventually get to the top.

It is possible to just hike around the cliff but there are challenging parts especially as you get closer to the top. You get to climb through sharp rocks, steep, spikey, and jagged paths. A lot of people, just like you, have done it, so there’s no excuse that you can’t. Braving the challenge to be rewarded with a breathtaking view of the archipelago is a fulfilling life experience. It’s just another way to experience how it is to feel alive.

It’s just a short hike up and it should not take more than an hour, but of course, it still depends on your pace and physical fitness level. Your local guide will be watching for your safety all the way to the top, but it’s best to take your time and stop when you’re feeling tired or uncomfortable.

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