Thoughts and Reflections: How to Make the Most of Your Palawan Vacation this 2020

Palawan Vacation this 2020

What’s new with Palawan Alternative this 2020?

I am very grateful that we’ve had a lot of satisfied guests last year. It was such a learning experience for us, and we continually strive to improve our services this year. And in order to give unparalleled Palawan experience, we constantly seek ways to make our tours more personalized and intimate. Palawan Alternative doesn’t cater to big groups, and the good news is, we are not changing anytime soon. A personalized experience is what’s we’re all about.

We are not for everyone.

As for me, it had been a challenging year as I got to know the different types of personalities of my guests. I am truly thankful for those who appreciate all the good things I’ve done for them however imperfect. Everyone knows here that I take client satisfaction very seriously. Client service is what we pride ourselves on – that is our difference. There are guests who arrive with positive energy and see the good in things. And they are what I really hope to receive for every booking confirmation. Because honestly, I do choose my guests. If you are not happy within, then I would rather let you book with someone else who is just after your money. Because at the end of the day, I have to choose those who would be less damaging to our livelihood, mental well-being, and hard work. Most of my guests are still my friends to this day. The truth is, service satisfaction is not a one-way thing. Just the same, we do get disappointed if our guests are disappointed. We have personalities too and we can only do so much.

Happiness is a state of mind.

I realized that my own perfectionism can be a weakness. It is hard to gauge people via email or from a distance. And if there’s something way beyond my limit – that is making everyone happy. The natural emotional state of my guests is something I cannot control. If people are unhappy, then whatever we do or wherever they go, nothing will ever be good enough.

Our guests should know that in this day and age of mass tourism, it is hard to find people who truly care. It is hard to find people who will go out of their way to attend to your every need. This is the very reason we have Palawan Alternative. This is the very reason that I become very appreciative of those who are positive and grateful for everything I’ve done to make my guests happy and comfortable during their holiday. We do care.

Different strokes for different folks.

I learned that some guests are quite sensitive when it comes to attention. It is understandable that they’ve paid for private tours and personalized itineraries to get extra attention from me. I understand that one slight mistake and I’m all done for. Years in the tourism industry taught me one important skill, and that is having a good instinct. If I feel that my guests exhibit negativity right from the start, or just do not like me personally for some reason, then the best action is to steer clear and give them more privacy. I cannot change people. I will give them a chance to be with others who might be able to give them more attention and make them happy. We cannot impress everyone. Palawan Alternative is about authenticity.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

To make the most of your Palawan vacation this 2020, I highly encourage you to arrive with positive energy and a flexible attitude. A lot of things can change along the way and we cannot control every aspect of the itinerary, and that includes local government policies, boat departure times, personalities of our local guides, weather and sea conditions and the Philippine culture. It is our goal to give the best Palawan experience especially to those who do not have a lot of vacation time. Most of our tours are supposed to be an adventure. It means going outside your comfort zone and trying new life experiences.

This year, we welcome those who are open to life-changing adventures or those who want to experience how it is to really travel.

Happy New Year and welcome to Palawan!

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