How to Get the Best Hotel Deals in El Nido

Learn more about getting the best hotel deals in El Nido from a local expert.

It is now more convenient than ever to get the best hotel deals in El Nido. Comparison websites like Expedia,, are good for comparing options and initial research. These websites let you compare your accommodation choices without having to spend hours researching prices on different websites. Although comparison websites can save you time and energy, in most cases, they just make you feel like you are getting the best deals. Sure, it may look like you pay a little bit for the booking convenience, but when worse comes to worst, you may even lose that hard-earned money. Anyway, you are just one of the many booking on their websites. In the grand scheme of things, you don’t really matter to them.

Hotel Deals in El Nido
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For a hassle-free vacation, make sure to read this guide to get the best hotel deals in El Nido.

Read Reviews

El Nido is not the place where you can get the fanciest hotels in the world. But there are now more accommodation choices that cater to your interests and style, whether it’s a boutique hotel in the urban area or a first-class resort on a secluded island. With so many choices, it can be daunting to make a decision. Reading the reviews through Trip Advisor or or Magazines like Conde Nast Traveler can be the best way to know if a particular hotel is a good choice. You actually want to know about the first-hand experiences of guests and not just a hotel’s description of facilities. You can check what the majority of guests are saying about a hotel and ignore the outliers. Some of the reviews are often exaggerated or possibly even untrue. Sometimes, it is best to make the judgment on your own. Sift through all the reviews and check the overall rating score of the hotel. People have certain expectations and usually, it is not the hotel’s fault. Make sure to adjust your expectations especially when traveling to El Nido. Hotels in a poor country may not have the same standards as you would at home.

Use comparison websites to compare prices only

You can use comparison websites to narrow down your choices. These websites are good for comparing hotel prices and deals. Once you have a couple of hotels to choose from, head to the hotel’s website to see if the price is the same. Most of the time, the taxes, booking fees, and service charges are not yet included in the comparison website. And watch out for some marketing tricks that some comparison websites are using to manipulate people. Like on, you will often see that nagging red notification mark that says “In high demand”, “Others hotels were just booked”, “This is the best hotel in this area” and so on. It is kind of pressuring you to book right away. You are old enough not to fall for these manipulative tricks of corporations. Can you imagine how much and other similar sites make money off your emotions? It is more ethical to just go through the hotel website to book or find a Palawan travel agent who you can help out more and even possibly, give you better hotel deals in El Nido.

Check the hotel’s website for deals

You don’t have to completely rely on comparison websites to find out the best hotel deals in El Nido. Some hotels may only display the best rates on their official websites. Make sure to check the hotel’s website to see if they have any special deals or coupons. Some hotels have packages published on their websites that include extra perks like complimentary nights, special tours or spa credits. They might have special prices or extra room types that they did not indicate on comparison websites. Just watch out for booking or credit card fees, some hotels also charge for this. Make sure to check the cancellation policies of both the hotel’s website and comparison websites. It might be easier to get your money back straight from the hotel.

Ask a Palawan travel agent for the best deals

When booking your tropical vacation in El Nido, the last thing you should have to do is worry about getting the best hotel deals in El Nido. A Palawan travel agent is vital in planning signature memories as they take the hassle off your trip, so you can focus more on the travel experience. They use their local expertise to handpick hotels based on their own ratings and overall customer reviews. Besides, a Palawan travel agent has access to special discounts and promotions like dining or spa credit that would not be available when booking through comparison websites. They will give you an all-inclusive package that already includes taxes, service charges, and other extra fees, unlike other bookings apps where there are hidden charges. Aside from getting the best hotel deals in El Nido, they also advocate on your behalf. A Palawan travel agent is a human being with empathy, you can negotiate about getting a refund for your hotel booking – in some cases. Corporate booking websites may rip you off big time, and most likely, will not even care about you. They make a massive profit through nonrefundable charges. Booking your vacation package through a Palawan travel agent is the most ethical way to travel in Palawan.

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