El Nido Vacation Packages: Which One is for You?

Planning your vacation in El Nido? Find out which Vacation Package is for you!

We have highly customizable El Nido vacation packages to suit your needs and interests. Do you want to get away from the party crowd or just chill in a 5-star resort on a secluded island? We’ll make it happen for you.

To save you time and energy, our local expert handpicks hotels and handcrafts your Palawan trip with love. Taking the hassle off your trip happens to be our specialty. And we take client service very seriously. We are the only tour operator in El Nido that operates 24/7 – and respond straight away. Good client service is hard to come by here. You’ll see the difference!

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For those who have limited time and want to make the best out of their holiday, our El Nido vacation packages include almost everything – airport transfer, private island-hopping tour, hotel or resort accommodation, some meals, taxes, and service charge. You don’t have to worry about anything else. All you have to do is arrive and enjoy the sunshine soaked El Nido.

A Palawan travel agent has special access to exclusive deals and perks, so you’ll get the best bang for your buck. The value you receive will be bigger than you paid. Booking an El Nido vacation package through a Palawan travel agent will not only save you money but also give you extras and insider access.

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Would you rather talk to a human being who actually cares about you from start to finish? Not a search engine, anonymous voice or a tour guide who will treat you as just another traveler? We only take one group at a time so you can be assured that we only focus on your needs all throughout your trip. We are invested in our client’s happiness and satisfaction, so each trip is packed full of positive lifelong memories.

Here are some of our recommended El Nido vacation packages

Taste of Paradise (5 Days/4 Nights)

This is a popular El Nido vacation package for those who have limited time! A recommended tour that showcases the family-friendly side of Palawan. We’ll give you a taste of paradise by showing you the best of El Nido in 5 days. Bathe in the emerald waters and float between islands by boat. Experience the stunning islands away from the madding crowds.

Dive Palawan (8 Days/7 Nights)

What better way to truly experience the natural beauty of El Nido than to take a journey underwater? El Nido has some of the best dive sites with colorful school of fish, stunning coral reefs, passing sea turtles, occasional reef sharks, and eagle rays. This is the right El Nido vacation package for those who want to relax on pristine beaches and witness the diverse marine life hidden in the deep blue.

Pura Vida (6 Days/5 Nights)

Do you want to see more of El Nido? This 6-day El Nido vacation package takes you on a speedboat journey to the uninhabited islands. Enjoy powdery white sand beaches and crystalline waters away from the crowd.

Signature Palawan and Beyond (8 Days/7 Nights)

This 8-day tour encapsulates the best of Palawan, from El Nido to Coron. Witness everything that makes Palawan one of the best tropical destinations in the world, uninhabited islands, emerald waters, magical lagoons, and pristine beaches. If you want to make the most out of your vacation, then this complete Palawan experience is for you.

Life’s a Beach (6 Days/5 Nights)

This special El Nido vacation package is an awesome mix of beautiful beaches, fun, and relaxation. Visit the iconic spots in Bacuit Bay and stay on a secluded beach. Explore pristine beaches to your heart’s content. By the end of this trip, you’ll bring back with you signature memories and new perspectives.

Epic Palawan Adventure (6 Days/5 Nights)

This 6-day action-packed tour is for those who crave the adrenaline rush and are happiest when out and about. Try scuba diving, zip line to another island, climb the towering cliffs or visit remote islands away from Bacuit bay. This El Nido vacation package will satisfy your sense of adventure.

Talk to our itinerary specialist to find out the best deals on El Nido vacation packages.

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