Welcome to Nagtabon Beach.

Nagtabon beach is one of the hidden gems of Puerto Princesa. Just half an hour away from the city, you will be able to enjoy an unspoiled beach away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Enjoy hundreds of meters of fine white sand and swim in the warm, shallow water. The common tourists in Palawan think that Puerto Princesa has nothing to offer so they all flock straight to El Nido, and for this, the beach is not as crowded and popular compared to other beaches in Palawan. You will also find some local surfers here when there’s wind or big waves for surfing. One must be careful of the undertow though as it can be quite hazardous if you are not a good swimmer.

There is not much accommodation around here so this is a suggested day trip while visiting Puerto Princesa. On a fine day, one can also witness the sun setting behind the lush hills. The beach gets crowded during weekends and holidays though, due to some domestic tourists flocking here too. This is fine if you are open to witnessing the local culture and beach scene. But if you would like to relax on the beach and enjoy the peaceful surrounding, then it would be best to add this day trip to your itinerary during weekdays to enjoy this beautiful beach away from the crowd.

Our itinerary specialist will be glad to add this day trip to your personalized Palawan itinerary.