Welcome to Nacpan Beach.

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Nacpan beach is no doubt a stunning beach about 15 km north of El Nido. A perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the town. A 4 km stretch of powdery white sand lined with coconuts that embodies a picturesque tropical paradise. The stretch faces a small cove next to the bay and runs up to the south to meet its twin called Calitang beach. A small lush hill dotted with towering palms is where the twin beaches meet.

This is one of the many beautiful beaches in El Nido that is ideal for swimming and relaxing. Explore the vast stretch of white sand to your heart’s content and marvel at the glittering waters under the fiery sky at the end of the day. A half-day trip to Nacpan beach is recommended to fully enjoy Palawan’s nature and life’s simple pleasures.

One of our itinerary specialists will be glad to organize this day trip to suit your needs.