Welcome to Lio Beach.

Just 6 km north of El Nido town is another stunning white-sand beach called Lio. It offers a picturesque wide stretch of Palawan’s beach and a breathtaking view of the mysterious mountains at the comfort of fine resorts, bars, and restaurants. Lio beach is now a fully-developed relaxing getaway that offers both natural beauty and comfort you deserved.

Have some proper fun in the sun and swim in the endless clear waters during the day. Freely choose your own private patch of sand so you can marvel at the fiery sky above the mountains at dusk. Occupy the rest of the day by indulging in dining experiences, adventure activities, cultural encounters, and souvenir shopping without leaving paradise. A half day trip to Nacpan beach is recommended to fully enjoy Palawan’s nature and life’s simple pleasures.

This is a suggested free day activity. Currently, there’s a free shuttle service to Lio from El Nido town. Ask our itinerary specialist for more information.