6 Tips for Americans Traveling to El Nido

Where do Americans go? You might have probably heard that overused punchline "the majority of Americans do not have passports". However, for the 42 percent that does have passports use them - and frequently!

With a clear understanding of US-based travelers’ expectations, Americans traveling to El Nido may find the following travel tips extremely helpful.

Americans traveling to El Nido

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Americans don’t need a visa to travel to the Philippines

If there’s one good thing about being an American, that is possessing one of the most powerful passports in the world. Imagine being a US citizen, you no longer have to risk your life crossing the border or submit a lot of documents for visas or jump through hoops just to travel to another country. Even though there’s this popular belief that ‘they don’t need to travel’, for one, the United States has already its own vast nature and stunning places worth visiting. However, it is still highly recommended to take advantage of that privilege to travel especially to this special part of the world called, El Nido. It’s that once-in-a-lifetime chance to take home new perspectives, learn more about the world and have a deeper sense of meaning.

El Nido is a generally safe place for American tourists

Safety, hygiene, and space are the top concerns. American tourists are known as being highly adept at complaining, and the great thing in El Nido is that the locals just smile and bear it. Gone are the days of fishing, tourism is the new thing, and smiling is part of their livelihood.

El Nido is famous for its iconic lagoons, pristine beaches, emerald waters, diving spots and stunning islands. It has become a top tourist destination for a reason. Sadly, the various news propaganda and travel warnings in the US constantly instill fear in its own citizens which have prevented them to venture out of their comfort zones. However, when it’s time to get away from the humdrum and the mundane, Americans need not worry as El Nido is a generally safe place for tourists. It’s a peaceful and diverse beach town, home to friendly locals and expats from all over the world.

Great resorts and hotel choices for Americans traveling to El Nido

Americans get a shorter holiday than Europeans, and that’s why they must travel for that well-deserved break from the daily grind. It’s vacation for a reason – to relax, refresh and unwind. In terms of comfort and convenience, El Nido is now getting well-developed. Now with various choices for accommodations, from high end to low, whether in the town center or on a pristine beach away from the hustle and bustle of the town. There are also lots of bars and restaurants on the beach to have good local dishes and fancy cocktails, and of course, to have a great time!

Bottled waters are discouraged in El Nido to minimize plastic waste

It is quite understandable that Americans tend to only drink water that comes in a bottle. As a rule, they just do not trust the taps anywhere outside the continental United States. However, there’s an ongoing ‘Plastic Battle’ campaign in El Nido that aims to protect its nature by eliminating single-use plastic bottles. Although plastic bottles and straws are not the main cause of the massive waste in the ocean, little change is still better than no change at all. Americans traveling to El Nido can be assured that there are certified ‘water-refilling’ stations everywhere and that there’s still mineral water that comes only in big bottles. It won’t hurt to bring reusable bottles though and be an ethical traveler by participating in El Nido’s environmental campaign.

The locals in El Nido speak English

American’s distinct Americanism is their cheerfully bouncy walk and the accent you can distinguish from a mile off. They are fairly big on being loud and proud. The locals need not feel intimidated as the Americans don’t come to occupy, they visit to learn and engage.

They may still enthusiastically learn a foreign language and try hard enough to communicate with others. If everything fails, worry not as the locals speak English, which makes sense as El Nido is a top tourist destination. It’s also widely known that Filipinos are bilingual. They are always warm and friendly to English-speaking tourists.

There’s a comprehensive tour operator for a more personalized El Nido vacation

Given the less holiday time, Americans are list-tickers. They are people on a mission and they don’t want to waste time. So they want the best of everything, to visit the best spot, to be in the best hotel and to have the best vacation ever.

The great thing in El Nido is that there’s a comprehensive tour operator to do the job. The one that clearly understands what the Americans like and prefer. If everything needs to be planned and well-organized, so be it, with an itinerary expert that will customize the right El Nido package that caters to Americans’ interests.

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