Who We Are

empower Filipinos


Palawan Alternative’s founder, Karen Perez, quit her corporate job to see the world and understand it better. She lived her dream nomadic life bringing only with her a small backpack and a big courage. With an adventure-seeking spirit, she braved the unknown on her own, hitchhiked all over South America and stayed in villages in South East Asia. She volunteered and scuba dived in the Galapagos islands and worked in a Machu Picchu travel agency in Cusco, Peru. She is a fearless adventurer at heart. Her work and volunteer experiences in the tourism industry gradually lead to her ultimate purpose. For the past few years, she chased beautiful sunsets in other parts of the world only to find that the real treasure is where her heart is, home.

She had seen the harsh realities of the world during her spiritual journey, the destructive effects of mass tourism and consumerism on the environment. The social problems she had experienced herself provoked a light-bulb moment. What Palawan needs is a fresh approach, a community-based ecotourism that supports people’s livelihood while preserving and protecting nature. She also hopes to inspire and empower Filipinos to pursue their passion and be entrepreneurs themselves for their own country.

Armed with nothing but her own vision, she started Palawan Alternative with no external funding or financial resources. With only the support of a few friends, she was able to make her lifelong dream happen. Equipped only with her acquired skills and unwavering persistence, Palawan Alternative was finally born. She and her team of local travel experts are dedicated to providing personalized tours and authentic experiences that align with our eco-minded beliefs.